The club kindly asks members to read and abide by these Member Rules (pass protected).

The Commonwealth Club is the oldest men’s club in New Jersey. We have more than 275 members, primarily from Montclair, Verona, Cedar Grove and Glen Ridge, but also from towns throughout the state.  We even have one member who calls Marietta, Ga., his home and another in Florida.

Membership allows full access to the club facilities, but more important (so we think), interaction with a diverse and interesting bunch of guys “from around town.”  It’s really about fellowship, if that doesn’t sound too corny.  Our membership crosses generations with the youngest being 21 and the oldest on the high side of 80. A number of fathers and sons are included among the ranks.  They’re all here for camaraderie and a good time. After one year as a member in good standing you can rent our facilities at a discounted rate. After three years you become a vested member.

About half of our members participate in the Club’s bowling league, which is contested from September through May in our private 6-lane bowling alley on the club’s lower level. For some it’s competition, for some it’s amusement and others a few beers with their friends. It’s all of those things and more.

The Commonwealth Club is a family friendly group. Throughout the year, we host a variety of events for the members, their families and friends. From Octoberfest to the Super Bowl to St Patty Gras and the Beefsteak Dinner, we run friendly (and sometimes boisterous) gatherings. We also participate in civic and community events. We are regulars at Montclair’s annual Fourth of July Parade. Our float generally takes a top prize and helps cool the revelers along the way. We like to give something back through our Community Chest. We award scholarships, help support the Montclair Ambulance Unit and otherwise try to act as good neighbors.

The Club has been here since 1904. And although the language may sound a bit dated, our membership hasn’t strayed too far from its original purpose.

To promote sociability and good fellowship among the men of our community; to foster manly ideals in the boys and provide them with club facilities; to stimulate the interest of this community in all local and general questions which concern the commonwealth.

Purpose of the Commonwealth Club
Written 1904.

If you’re interested in joining our merry group, contact Alex Comini, our membership chairman.

You can view/download our membership application here.