Notes from Keith will soon be saying goodbye to the Club and in an effort to show the racial diversity of the club, will be replaced with pages on this fine website. The days of and were fun but it is time to move on. Mr POBC will also be leaving the Club, but despair not…his Chilean cousin, senor EPBE will be running things. He is a good hombre.
STOP PRESS: El ahora es un Americano!!!!

The new season is up and running with no major issues, except that nobody will probably see this page, so what the fuck!

Welcome to all new bowlers

Wishing a Happy New Year to the 3 members of the Club who read this crap. I hope it is better than my shitty life.

BOWLER of the WEEK is Darren Klein

TEAM of the WEEK are the Storks

Position Round this week

Bohdan and Jimmy Murray won the Endurance

Please note that Team Handicap = (950 – Total of all averages) x 0.85